1. Login / Register on the web www.globalcool.com

2. Fill in the Personal Data on the Register form. If you have registered, enter your Email & Password in the Login Form.

3. Find the product you want in the search field or click on the categories on the GLOBAL COOL webpage.

4. After finding the item you want, please click on the product to see some of the information listed about the product such as: Product Description, Product Specifications, and other information.

5. You can also compare one product with another product, by clicking "Compare this Product"

6. To continue, please click "Add to Cart"

7. To check your shopping cart please click "My Cart" at the top right of the web

8. To complete your transaction please click "Checkout" and you will be redirected to the Checkout page

9. There are several steps in the Checkout Option page:    
Billing Details: Select the address that will be used
Delivery Details: Select the address that will be used
Delivery Method: Choose a Shipping Method, Add notes if needed
Payment Method: Choose Midtrans Payment Method, GLOBAL COOL provides many payment options, including: Credit Card, ATM / Bank Transfer, Go-pay, Telkom Cash, XL Tunai, Indomaret and others. Add notes if needed. Please check the terms and conditions column.
Confirm Order: Purchase details will be displayed, such as Product Name, Product Number, Unit Price & Sub Total.

10. Make sure the number and type of item you ordered.

11. Make sure the address you provided is correct. Error sending goods due to shipping address input errors is not our fault.

12. Make a payment in accordance with the payment method that has been selected and pay the amount in accordance with the amount on the invoice.

13. If you use instant payment methods such as Mandiri Clickpay, Mandiri E-Cash, BCA Klikpay, Credit Card, KlikBCA, Go-pay and Indomaret you don't need to confirm payment because the payment is verified automatically.

14. Successful Transaction. Thank you for shopping with us.