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DANFOSS COMPRESSOR SC15GSpecially optimised for use in household and light commercial applications, hermetic recripocating compressors from Secop for ...


Specially optimised for use in household and light commercial applications, hermetic recripocating compressors from Secop for Danfoss provide high cooling capacity in an energy saving design. Compressor models are available for R134a, R290,R404A/R507A, R407C and R600A, for cooling nneds from 20W to 6kW.

- Laboratory and medical equipment
- Compressod air dryers
- Glass door merchandisers
- Display cabinets
- Fridges and freezers
- Ice cream cabinets
- Vending mechines
- Drink dispensers
- Ice making mechines
- Bottle coolers
- Heat pumps
- Milk cooling tanks
- Wine cellars
- Easy installation
- Low noise and high energy effeciency
- Robust in tough operating conditions
- Immune to unstable power supply
- Environmentally friendly solution

SC15G - 104G8520
Type Code: SC
Net weight: 13.20 Kg
Application energy level: Universal compressor
Applications: HBP; LBP; MBP
Approval standards: CCC; CE EN 60335-2-34 with Annex AA
Auxiliary winding resistance (start winding) for single-phase compressors [Ohm]: 13.5
Base plate type: Universal
Brand technique: Reciprocating compressor
Capacity control: Fixed speed
Capacity of capacitor B: 80 uF
Colour: Black
Configuration code: Single
Cut in current HST [A]: 16.2
Cut in current LST [A]: 20.1
Discharge connection angle [°]: 37
Discharge connection comments: Al-cap
Discharge connection diameter [mm]: 6.2
Discharge connection height [mm]: 100
Discharge connection material: Cu-plated steel
Drawing number: 8258
Economizer: No
Free gas volume [cm3]: 1410
Frequency [Hz]: 50/60
Gross weight: 13.20 Kg
Height from baseplate [mm]: 203
High value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V]: 230
High value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V]: 230
High value of voltage range at 50Hz [V]: 254
High value of voltage range at 60Hz [V]: 254
LRA HST [A]: 16.2
LRA LST [A]: 15.8
Low value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V]: 208
Low value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V]: 220
Low value of voltage range at 50Hz [V]: 187
Low value of voltage range at 60Hz [V]: 198
Main winding resistance for single-phase compressors [Ohm]: 5.1
Model number: SC15G
Motor type: CSIR
No. of phases (compressor): 1
No. of phases (fan): 1
Nominal cooling capacity 60 kBTU/h: 5.18
Nominal cooling capacity at 60Hz: 1.5
Oil charge [L]: 550
Oil quantity [cm3]: 550
Oil type: POE
Packing format: Industrial pack
Packing quantity: 80
Phase: 1
Process connection angle [°]: 37
Process connection comments: Al-cap
Process connection diameter [mm]: 6.2
Process connection material: Cu-plated steel
RLA: 3.1 A
Refrigerant: R134a
Refrigerant charge [kg] [Max]: 1.3
Rotational speed at 50Hz [rpm]: 2900
Rotational speed at 60Hz [rpm]: 3500
Segment usage: Refrigeration LT;Refrigeration MT
Speed Platform: Fixed-speed
Start capacitor capacitance: 80
Suction connection angle [°]: 37
Suction connection comments: Al-cap
Suction connection diameter [mm]: 10.2
Suction connection height [mm]: 183
Suction connection material: Cu-plated steel
Swept volume [cm3]: 15.28
Technology: Reciprocating
Total height [mm]: 209
Type designation: Compressor
Voltage 50Hz [V]: 220
Voltage 50Hz [V] [Max]: 240
Voltage 60Hz [V]: 220
Voltage 60Hz [V] [Max]: 240
Winding temperature short term [°C] [Max]: 135
Winding temperature stat [°C] [Max]: 125
• Bolt joint compressor 16 mm: 118-1917
• Bolt joint compressor 16 mm Description: MOUNTING ACCESSORIES
• Bolt joint quantities 16 mm: 118-1918
• Bolt joint quantities 16 mm Description: Bolt joint
• Cord relief: 103N1004
• Cord relief Description: CORD RELIEF SC EU/UL
• Cover electrics: 103N2009
• Cover electrics Description: COVER SC-220V
• Snap on in quantities 16mm: 118-1919
• Snap on in quantities 16mm Description: Snap-on
• Starting capacitor: 117U5017
• Starting capacitor Description: START CAPACITOR 80µF, 220V - SC
• Starting relay HST: 117U6005
• Starting relay HST Description: Starting Relay SC