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Site Ownership
This site was developed by Solindoweb and becomes the property and is operated by PT. Global Cool, a leading (second generation) wholesale and trading company in the field of AC & Refrigeration parts & equipment in Indonesia since 1973.
Terms of use of the site
Each user is required to comply with the following conditions:
1. Users aged at least 18 years, have an identity (KTP), and have legally recognized requirements.
2. Access the GLOBALCOOL site is only allowed for shopping needs and interests.
3. PT. Global Cool has 2 official sites, namely: www.ptglobalcool.com and www.globalcool.com. In the event of something related outside the official site, it is not our responsibility.
To be able to place an order you are required to create an account on this site, so you agree to provide your data / information correctly. You understand and agree and are responsible for all activities that occur under your account.
1. While accessing, browsing or using the site, users may not abuse any content / data contained in it.
2. Users are not allowed to send SARA, FLAMMING, TROLLING content, etc.
3. Users are prohibited from using / taking product information for personal / non-transaction purposes on this site.
1. When making an order, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions that have been made.
2. For purchases via E-Commerce, orders and shipments will be processed after payment is received by the bank account in the name of PT. Global Cool.
3. Payment time is not later than 1 day (1 x 24 hours) after you make an order, if you have not made the payment within the time limit, then we have the authority to cancel the order. You have no right to file a claim or claim for the cancellation of the order.
4. The delivery time is adjusted to the destination area service area. For shipments that use the expedition, we work with the courier service with insurance to prevent loss or damage during the trip.
5. PT. Global Cool collaborates with payment gateways as third parties in managing credit card transactions, and is supported by a one time password (3D secure) feature to ensure the security of credit card transactions.
6. If GLOBALCOOL finds an error in the details, description and price of your order, we will contact you as soon as possible. And if we cannot contact you within the specified time, we will automatically cancel the order.
7. You understand and agree that we are not responsible for any complaints of goods after you confirm receipt of goods or automatic confirmation by the system. Losses arising after automatic confirmation / confirmation are your responsibility.
1. Prices listed on this site are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and include VAT.
2. Prices do not include expedition cost.
3. If there is a price error caused by typing (typo), then we have the right to refuse or cancel the order that has been paid.
Product Description
We always strive to provide product information / descriptions as accurately as possible. But we cannot guarantee 100% that all product descriptions contained in this site are complete, up-to-date and error-free.
1. You understand and agree that inventory / stock may change without notice.
2. To maintain competitive prices, for items that are not ready stock we will hide the price of the product. Please contact us in the chat pop-up, we will be happy to confirm more info.
Disclaimer of bookings
1. We reserve the right to withdraw, delete, replace, renew, add, reduce, adjust, edit and change the material or content of each product including information, data or descriptions of products.
2. Transactions using a credit card will be canceled if something violates the legal provisions.

1. We delivery to all cities in Indonesia
2. We will send the items you ordered after receiving payment confirmation.
3. Automatic shipping costs are calculated based on distance and amount of weight.
4. We will send the item you ordered to the shipping address you specified in the order.
5. Delivery schedule : Monday - Friday (17.30 - 19.00)
6. Orders that enter before 16.00 WIB, will be sent the same day. If after this hour, the shipment will take place the following day.
7. All forms of complaints or claims for the delivery of goods are entirely from the KURIR who cooperates. We are not responsible for losses, costs of damage or other costs arising from late delivery of goods.
Returns or exchanges
1. You understand and agree that the availability of stock can change at any time, so that if the stock is empty, then we reserve the right to refuse the order as it will be informed to you. We will return payment for the items you have ordered.
2. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to your inaccuracy in ordering goods, please read the product description first.
3. If an error occurs in the type of item we send, you can contact us at info@ptglobalcool.com
4. The shipping fee for returning or exchanging for our mistakes, 100% is our responsibility.
5. We do not accept returns and exchanges, if the goods and product packaging are damaged due to an installation error
All notifications to you relating to transactions on this site will be formally written through the e-mail address you last listed in your account information.